The Centre is a Place to Reconnect

While Maureen and Brenda joined The Centre when they each moved to Ridgetown from out of town, the last thing they thought would happen is finding long lost relatives.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Last year at The Centre, Brenda was at Tai Chi and wanted to cool off and get some water. While taking a break, she met Maureen and the two started talking about where they were from.

Originally from Espanola, Ontario, Brenda moved to Ridgetown with her husband in 2012. Maureen was born and raised in Windsor and moved to Ridgetown in 2017.

Despite growing up in different parts of the province, they discovered something special.

“Maureen said her mother was born in Espanola, where I’m from. It’s not a big town, maybe about 6,000 people at its peak. I asked her what her last name was and she said it was Gouge, and I laughed because there was only ever one family with that last name. It turns out that her grandfather and my grandmother were siblings,” Brenda explains.

“It was mind boggling to find out we’re second cousins,” says Maureen. “We’re still getting to know each other but we’ve become pretty close.”

Brenda and Maureen can be found at The Centre enjoying activities and volunteering in their spare time.

Everyone is invited to stop by The Centre any time to get involved, meet new people, and maybe even discover a unique connection with other members.

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